Silverlight dependency property not updating

15-Nov-2016 07:13

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This topic explains how the workings of the Silverlight property system can affect the value of a dependency property, and describes the precedence by which aspects of the property system apply to the effective value of a property. In the Silverlight property system, the value of dependency properties can be determined by a variety of factors and features, enabling features such as late binding, and notifying related properties of changes to values for other properties.The exact order and logic that is used to determine dependency property values is reasonably complex.As you learn about each one, you’ll see how to apply it to a very simple piece of user interface that most programs need—an .

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Security mechanisms applied to the wrappers do not apply to the underlying dependency property.

By familiarizing yourself with these concepts now, you’ll be able to approach the rest of this book (or any other WPF documentation) with confidence.