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Like "Sex and the City's" Carrie, the narrator of this novel takes turns telling her friends' stories -- and can peer into their minds and bedrooms.She often sums up an episode by making pronouncements about the sorry state of relations between the sexes in Saudi Arabia.Others in his generation say, even though the country’s youth may be growing more open and educated, they don’t plan to abandon traditions. Murdock/VOA) ‘Controlled by traditions’ “The older generation is controlled by traditions,” Abdullah says, the family section now locked for the evening prayer.Saudi women and girls say social outlets outside their homes are rare, but becoming more common with the growing popularity of malls and women’s-only restaurants, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jan. At prayer times, restaurants shutter their men-only sections, while men go out to pray.Like their New York sisters, the girls of Riyadh live lives of branded plenitude.They watch Hollywood blockbusters, carry miniature pedigree dogs in designer handbags, go to the gym, console themselves with rhinoplasty and chemical peels, drink daddy's secret stash of Dom Perignon and dance the night away in Badgley Mishka or Roberto Cavalli.

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Unlike Bushnell's columnist heroine Carrie Bradshaw, Alsanea's narrator must remain anonymous, posting each chapter to a Yahoo group.

Like most places in the popular dining district, it is for men only.