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In December 1990, when the ANC held its first conference on South African soil after three decades of exile, there was an air of optimism and confidence at the event at Nasrec in Johannesburg, writes Mondli Makhanya President Jacob Zuma was on to something when he emphasised that delegates to the National Policy Conference must not be content to diagnose and analyse problems, but must focus on coming up with solutions for the troubled economy and all other problems facing the country.When the i Phone emerged in 2007, it came with all the promise and pomp of a major announcement by Apple’s chief executive, Steve Jobs, who highlighted its user interface and slick design as key selling points, writes Kalle Lyytinen.Read more: This is why you need to stop texting him With all the risks involved, I can understand the hesitation (remember the i Cloud saga of 2014? And let’s not forget the dregs of society who contribute to the endless revenge porn on the interwebs. But in my one-year and a bit long distance relationship, nudes are a big part of us and they are amazing!I can’t force you to take one, and I’m not necessarily telling you to give in when Mr from that one night of grinding at the club asks for a pic.I’m just going to say it; I’m a sucker for a good nude pic.

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But ever since I tricked my mind into trusting my clumsy heart into saying yes to a long distance relationship, sexting has become a big part of my life. Not Whatsapp, I mean old school phone to ear stuff – Gasp! If anything, I’m more keen on sending and receiving nudes than my British other. What if I accidentally send a broadcast of my nipple to my family and friends? Try explaining that to your 14-year-old brother and, well, everyone else.Leer Más » El presidente de China, Xi Jinping, sostuvo hoy conversaciones con su homólogo argentino, Mauricio Macri, y ambas partes acordaron ampliar la cooperación de beneficio mutuo en todas las áreas y promover más las relaciones bilaterales.Xi pidió alinear la Iniciativa de la Franja y la Ruta con la estrategia de desarrollo de Argentina, ampliar la cooperación en industrias como las ...Sexting is the equivalent of a saucy affair, and no, I’m not condoning affairs. Yes, sexting is not exactly something they have TEDTalks about, and most of the time the general reaction is, don’t do it!

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But, because human beings are just general “shrug your shoulders, what’s the worst that can happen?

This they blamed on Muslim fundamentalists enabled by “rogue states”, and the phrase “war on terror” was invented and successfully punted to drive the point home, writes J P Louw.