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18-Feb-2016 08:27

In order to receive accommodations, the student must submit a copy of the Accommodation Determination Letter to their course instructors with sufficient lead time for the instructors to make the necessary arrangements.

The SDS requests that students submit their letters as soon as they register for a class and within the first week of class. Include a Disability Statement on Your Syllabus Include a statement on your syllabus asking students to provide you with their Accommodation Determination Letter to ensure that those needs are met in a timely manner.

After SDS determines a student’s eligibility, it will issue the student an Accommodation Determination Letter, which outlines the precise reasonable accommodations that the University must provide.

Such accommodations are designed to offset the substantial limitation imposed by the disability, not to alter essential elements of courses or programs.

As an educator, you are an important partner in this endeavor to provide reasonable accommodation in the classroom to students with disabilities.

To ensure the intellectual richness of research and education in our community, the University of Chicago is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment and providing equal access to students with disabilities.The purpose of disability accommodation is to provide equal access to the academic material and equal access to demonstrate mastery of the material.Students with disabilities must meet all the academic requirements and standards of the class, including the attendance policy.Students and their families are strongly encouraged to disclose and discuss possible accommodations during the enrollment process.

If a student believes he/she requires a reasonable accommodation or has a question regarding educational services, activities, programs, or facilities that are accessible to or usable by students with disabilities, please contact the academic counselor in Academic Support Services who has responsibility for students with learning challenges.If you have a disability and need accommodations, please contact Tadisha Sams-Young, Coordinator of Disability Services at (912) 358 3115 or [email protected]