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There’s going to be plenty more where that came from. Walter Jones in North Carolina, who survived yet another challenge with a six-point victory; and Ohio GOP Rep.

Power of the incumbency: While the establishment had a good night, so did incumbents. Dave Joyce, who held off a tea party opponent by 10 points.

Zone Cousinage covers most of the early settlers of New France.

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More importantly, these foreigners may take things one step further and boycott gay actors who are out and their movies. And, as of publication of this article, (3PM EST, 2/6/07), virtually all of their IMDB profiles did not include a spouse or significant other, of the opposite sex, nor any mention of ever having had a girlfriend*. In addition, as being gay and having interviewed virtually every actor on each of the lists on this page during the past 20 years, and having been in and around Hollywood for as long, (friends with many celebrities, gay and straight, who love to gossip), it’s hard to not come to such conclusions. In essence, that's the purpose of our all-of-the-above energy strategy.