Arguments on interracial dating

24-Dec-2016 04:58

You’ve dated a long line of losers—deadbeats, cheaters, manipulators.They all belonged to your racial group, so you figure you’ll have better luck dating someone of a different race.Interracial dating isn't without its problems, but today interracial relationships enjoy more support in the United States than they have at any point in history.While two decades ago, fewer than half of Americans approved of interracial marriage, now 65 percent of all Americans support such relationships, and 85 percent of young people do.Dating and marriage are traditionally accepted throughout much of the world and have become a key part of our society and culture, but they serve no constructive purpose that could not otherwise be achieved besides the propagation of mutual selfishness and mutual unhappiness. Interracial relationships benefits because you expand yourself to be open-minded of the world around and are exposed to culturally and ethnically different people.In his rebuttal, I challenge my opponent not only to show that interracial dating/marriage is wonderful in the next round, but that any dating/marriage is constructively valuable. Thanks for the debate In this round, i will show how dating/marriage is constructively valuable to society. They have better health than those who aren't married. You are very able to integrate another person's traditions, cultural values, different foods, and language into your own life.White women knew that black male slaves feared their husbands (white master) so the black male slave being tamed obeyed masters wife.She did not have to rape by force because the male slave obediently gave into her request just as they (male slaves) tolerated the sexual abuse performed by white male slave masters.

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Dating interracially with misguided motives will inevitably lead to problems.

About 2.4 % of the entire population is indeed multiracial Americans.