Accommodating science the rhetorical life of scientific facts

06-Dec-2016 09:45

Teaching engineering students about the importance of audience is a significant component of any professional communication curriculum.However, when students focus too much on accommodating audience needs and interests, they may overlook the organizational, political, and ethical conflicts that such accommodation creates.

The purpose of scientific literature is to inform and persuade peers as to the validity of observations and conclusions and the forensic efficacy of methods. College Composition and Communication, 41(1), 11–36. Integrating literature and writing instruction : First-year English, humanities core courses, seminars. Anderson, W., Best, C., Black, A., Hurst, J., Miller, B., & Miller, S. Cross-curricular underlife: A collaborative report on ways with academic words. If a book or a TV show is about science, but it's made so it's easy for everyone to understand, then it is popular science.

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It has popular in its name because it's made for the whole population, not just for scientists.This article is about popular science as a literary genre. For the short film series, see Popular Science (film).

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